This is the first watercolor painting I made for the year 2016. I dedicate this year to learning, and to patience and kindness (with oneself).

My reason for starting this blog is for me to be able to document my progress, and also for me to release some thoughts. Quitting the work that I love very much when I gave birth was not an easy decision to make.  But I realized that these next few years with our little Rafael is too precious, so I then transitioned into being a stay-at-home mother. Nonetheless, rarely being able to go out to have normal social interactions is taking its toll on me, hence, this blog was born.


So far, one thing that motherhood has taught me is that things take time. Just like in painting with watercolors, as with raising a child. Patience can go a long way. A lot of kindness and love are needed to nurture this little sponge. I also need to learn how treat myself kindly, and not dump my works halfway through.

I am somewhat amazed with what I’m learning about myself, through painting and exploring art, and through motherhood. And I am inspired to keep on going, and do everything for the process. Live one day at a time, and just enjoy each and every passing moment.



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