Sharing with you the resources that got me through the past few months of our wonderful pregnancy.


Dr. Susan Pelea-Nagtalon
My GP recommended Dr. Susan. She is an amazing doctor, based on the stories I’ve heard. As for my experience with her, I’m very happy with her cool disposition. I just tend to panic a lot during my third trimester because she seldom responds to text messages. Otherwise, she’s great.


St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City
The Birthing Suite – Our stay here was very comfortable. The nurses and the staff were very warm and friendly. Meals for the suite was served like hotel room service. Only con was that they only cleaned the room once during our three-day stay.

Everything was done in this suite, from labor to birthing to the after-birth procedures. My little boy never left my side even for just a second.


Irina Otmakhova (Conscious Birth Manila)
My birthing fairy godmother. Did everything that an amazing doula is supposed to do. My gentle birthing would have not been possible if she weren’t by my side through my pregnancy and birthing time.


Hypnobirthing (Hypnobabies)
Kindly visit to know more about Hypnobirthing. Of all the birthing methods that I read about, this one spoke to me most.

Birth Plan

Hospital Bag Checklist

Reiki – my husband studied under Sarah Salcedo-Rubin of Mysterium Philippines. He is now a Reiki II practitioner.


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