Artsy Weekend

fpppI had a wonderful weekend! We visited Common Room PH for the first time last Saturday and went home with The Greenhouse Project‘s Tillow! I love my new airplant. 😍🌿

Later on, I learned that my shipment from Amazon through Johnny Air Plus arrived, so here’s my first W&N Cotman palette, and a watercolor reference book (among others). 🌷

I spent the remainder of the day reading my new watercolor book: The Flower Painter’s Pocket Palette. It’s quite basic – mainly consisting of 2-3 steps only per flower, but I sure am learning a lot from it.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the book:

I’m so excited for the rest of the week as I look forward to learning so much more! 🖌


One thought on “Artsy Weekend

  1. Congrats on your palette and reference book! How I wish I have the patience to learn watercolor. I do paint, but I am using oil. Is it just my connection acting up, or I can’ really see the pictures inside the book where you indicated? I love your blog by the way. I can’t seem to point out what, but it’s making me feel sentimental.


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