Breastfeeding: Period Survival Guide

Gone were the days when the only problems I had during my period were cramps, migraine, PMS, and emergency stains. It’s a completely different story when your baby is depending on you and your supply almost dries up when your period returns.

At the beginning of my breastfeeding journey, I didn’t have many problems. It was almost smooth sailing, save for an occasion of engorgement that resolved quickly. However, come six months postpartum (May 2016), my period returned.

My immune system weakened, and I also came down with the flu and pneumonia. At first, it was only the feeling of malaise that I usually get before my period, then came the flu. A few days after, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and a couple of days after, my period came and my milk supply almost dried up. My son, Raffy, lost weight, but we persevered with constant latching. He lost weight, but we were still in the safe zone. He was able to gain his weight back (and more) two weeks after my sickness.

We associated my supply problems with my sickness, but come June, my period returned again, and my supply reduced drastically. Raffy lost weight again, then he started getting orange spots in his diaper – a sign of dehydration. I devoted all my time to nursing him. We did some research and it turns out that I need more calcium and magnesium. We ordered lactation goods, and I ate well, pumped regularly, and latched Raffy as often as possible.

Come July, when my period returned again, we were prepared. This time we did not encounter any problems, so I think what we did really help a lot.

In case any of my fellow breastfeeding moms out there are experiencing the same problems, here is the list of what we did to help me increase my supply:

Drinks: Mother Nurture (twice a day) | Mother’s Milk (twice a day) | Ginger Ale

Food: Paco Salad | Tinola Soup | Malunggay Soup | Oatmeal with Chia Seeds

Pumping: Twice a day

Nursing on Demand

Virgin Coconut Oil

Have you ever had lactation problems? Share in the comments the problems you’ve encountered and how you overcame them.

Happy breastfeeding, mommies!


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