Homegrown Organics

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetI wish I had a green thumb, and that I can call these as my own organic and home-grown produce. But, no, my thumbs are as black as night, and Homegrown Organics is an organic produce supplier which I found through Facebook. They accommodate orders through Facebook PM and through SMS.

Intrigued by their “Rockstar” a.k.a. the Purple Corn, I told Ralph about it and he asked me to order some for him. I am not really fond of corn, but this one, I am willing to sample.

Another thing that I’m ecstatic about is that I asked them if they would be able to provide carrot tops and they said yes! For years, I have been on the search for the elusive tops for my bunnies. Yes, bunnies should eat the tops – not the carrot itself. The said vegetable is too high in sugar, thus causing problems to their sensitive digestive system. The carrot itself can only be given as an occasional treat, and in small portions only. My buns are binkying in happiness!

We received my orders this afternoon (Sunday) after ordering them last Friday. They were supposed to deliver it yesterday but were unable to due to the horrendous traffic jam through the metro. It’s perfectly understandable; my husband was stuck in the same traffic jam.

Homegrown Organics can deliver anywhere in Metro Manila with a flat-rate of 50 PHP for Quezon City, Ortigas, Makati, and Bonifacio Global City, no minimum orders required.

Kero-chan gives them two thumbs up, or in his case, two binkies. Suppi was being uncooperative, hence the lack of his appearance in the pictures.


Caught red-pawed!


I will update this post when we’ve tried the purple corn. My husband has a more discerning palate (I’m unpredictable as a foodie. His word is trusted by many in our circle. Haha.). But I will also post baby recipes that I will try with purple corn, so please check back again soonest!

Have you tried purple corn, or do you have recipes to share that has purple corn in it? Please do share your thoughts in the comments!

Visit Homegrown Organics through their Facebook page, and learn more about them and their advocacy in providing nutritious, organic and GMO-free produce. Yum!


2 thoughts on “Homegrown Organics

  1. Hello! Any updates on the purple corn? I’m so curious since it’s the first time I ever saw one! Anyway, I commend Homegrown organics for raising such advocacy. It is very important since a lot of our food that is easily accessible are drenched in chemicals right now.


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