6 thoughts on “Calligraphy

  1. I agree we should have an attitude of gratitude always. It must the reason why it rhymes too so we can easily remember it. I love the water color flowers. Plus, I love how the watercolor ombre text is ombre. It seems that one should have lots of practice before it can be done nicely.

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  2. Wow! These look absolutely astonishing! I’ve been trying to learn calligraphy in a while but I’m starting with brush calligraphy and digital calligraphy with my iPad Pro, but planning on purchasing materials for this type of calligraphy. I hope I can someday reach your level of mastery. Would love to produce something like those in the future.


  3. So so pretty your calligraphy art sharing here.
    Guess what? I actually wanna self learning about it. Is it possible?
    I love typography too, so wish to learn this skill too 😀 Just wishing that I can following a class here at my home country soon 😀
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


  4. I am a frustrated calligrapher, hahaha! I love your calligraphy, they are all beautiful especially the one with watercolor flowers. I wish I could unlock this skill, too. My friends gave me a watercolor brush calligraphy starter kit and I have not used it yet. Hahaha, I guess I will have to be more consistent on this.


  5. One of my weakness and my dream is to practice calligraphy. You absolutely made a great art. Guess I really need to invest time in practicing. I’ve been on and off with it and until now, my handwriting was so bad! So so bad!!!


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